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Go to Women and Youth Development

Women and Youth Development

AVACID Africa strategically mobilize youths whose interest in a particular agriculture value chain in sub-counties has been identified by either themselves or by others.

These women and youths are, in the beginning, provided the role model of other women and youths in the initiative with a view to attracting more within their locality. The selected women and youth are mentored on the potential that exists in agricultural value chain engagement.

Isolation of agricultural initiatives are highlighted in the engagement to create a positive disposition towards and entrepreneurship and agripreneurship. Interactive session is online, video, or workshop engagement and are used to ensure the meeting of the mind between the mentors and the women and youth.

Go to Advisory services

Advisory services

AVACID Africa promotes the creation of advisors or Trainer of Trainers to ensure continuous support and supportive on Value Chain Development, Agribusiness, Micro-Finance, Business Development and Women and Youth Programmes.

The AVACID Africa KnowEat Hub has a knowledge driven advisory services shall is promoted and supported. This entail offering advisory and other services needed to actualize services provided in general business, agripreneurship or in ICTs.

AVACID Africa’s KnowEat Hub which implement the integrated telecentre model will be established so as to train women and youth SMEs on ICT and enable them employ use of technology to improve their businesses.

Go to ICT for Development

ICT for Development

AVACID Africa is supporting the creation of sustainable ICT4D initiatives through the creation of community infesters and practices by integrating eCentres, Knowledge Centres, or whatever community knowledge initiatives, exist at the community level into telecentres.

The model provide the layered interaction used by communities to tap into the investment resources provided by government and development partners. Since ICT is a knowledge paradigm that cannot extended like microfinance has been, a model of this nature that rides on AVACID Africa’s resourcefulness in promoting knowledge to communities is what we now seek partners and communities that can embrace and run with.

Any and all development initiatives are invited to learn and take this model for localization in their area of operation.

Go to Strategic Communication and advocacy

Strategic Communication and advocacy

Strategic communications services (SCS) •Development of communication, public awareness and marketing strategies
•Communication research covering, communications baseline audits, knowledge attitude and practices (KAP) baseline surveys, market research and customer satisfaction surveys. Tactical communications services (TCS) covering the following areas;
•Implementation of communication strategies and public awareness campaigns.
•Design and production of information, education and communication materials.
•Implementation of stakeholders relations
Avacid Africa one2one, which involves product education and awareness campaigns, experiential, and an interactive program for social marketing.
• Public and media relations
• Event planning and management
• Design and management of interactive websites

The main objective of AVACID -Africa is promotion and implementation of programmes that support local production and facilitate the creation of value addition initiatives on such produce culminating to creation wealth and household prosperity through the development of cottage industries for the local communities in Uganda and Africa

About Avacid Africa

Agribusiness Value Chain Cottage Development In Africa (Avacid-Africa), Uganda Chapter
A world where food and nutrition, education knowledge, and income wealth are not constraints in the livelihoods of smallholder farmers

We are a social enterprise development organization that focuses on the development of value chain linked community enterprises for the integration of productive resource protection, production, and use by linking value chain related opportunities to markets using farmer created and owned agribusiness organizations that intersect along agricultural value chains that the producers engage with. We link with governments, ICT4D companies, investment organizations, development partners, and value chain focused agribusiness enterprises in a public private perspective using technology solutions whose adoption we champion. To promote attainment of self-actualization of individuals and households by linking nutrition, knowledge, income, and technologies through community enterprises - which are owned by productive resource owners(whether skills or physical resources) - and the employment of ICT4D, ICT4Ag, with Incubation driven enterprises

MANDATE Preferred One-Stop Shop provider delivering Professional, results-oriented services excellent in in Business Development Services (BDS), Value Chain Addition for Crop (Fruits & Vegetables Value Chain, Pulses Value Chain and Cereals Value Chain) and Livestock ( dairy value Chain, Beef Value Chain, Fish Value Chain, Chicken Value Chain, Goat Value Chain and Bee Value Chain), Development Finance, Micro-Finance, Market Access, ICT for Development, Research for Development, Youth Development, Strategic Communication, Public Relations, Advocacy and Monitoring and Evaluation Solutions

MODE OF OPERATIONS AVACID Africa works with grassroots support organizations that mobilize, support, and train farmers such as cooperatives or producer common interest groups. We work with national and apex organizations to create strategies for interaction with their grassroots institutions.


Ou Human Resource Base

Mr Ocilaje Michael

Founding Chairman in Uganda
Mr. Ocilaje Michael is Founder and Chairperson of AVACID Africa. He has over twenty (20) years’ experience in Strategic Communication, Public Relation, Policy Advocacy and Social Mobilisation, Public Awareness Campaigns.

Professor Ocaido Michael

Founding Advisor
PRof. Ocaido is a consulting scholar and professor in College of College of Veterinary Medicine, animal resources and bio-security (COVAB), Makerere University.

Mr.Kiringai Kamau

Founding Chairman in Kenya
Kiringai is an Agricultural Economist, a Value Chains Analyst, an ICT4D/ICT4Ag Global Telecentre Network Agribusiness Expert, a mentor in small business development, and Researcher.

Mr. Okiria Brian Odaet

Founding Treasurer
Mr. Okiria is an Professional Accountant with skills in financial management, auditing and strategic management. His core engagement has been in the areas of financial management, Auditing

Dr. Joseph Gichugu

Dr Joseph Kariuki is an agricultural economist with skills in natural resource management, rural livelihoods analysis. His core engagement has been in the areas of monitoring and evaluation; project reviews,

Prof. Samuel Githinji Karoki

Prof. Karoki is a consulting scholar with experience in undertaking baseline survey, statistical analysis and reporting at

Sani Nzevela

ICT and Knowledge Management Specialist
Sani Nzevela holds B.Sc. MIS from USIU and is a Certified ERP & Connectivity Specialist with keen interest and practical experience in ICT4Agriculture and development with bias in integrated value chain

Ann Wangui Githiri

Financial and Risk Management Specialist
Ann is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the finance specialist in VACID Africa Group responsible for internal financial management portfolio..


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